Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Very Sad Face!

Last Wednesday we went to dinner with our son Josh, DIL Ginny and gbaby#2 Emma. During dinner they announced that they were moving. I thought for a split second, okay they have every year in August, they have been renting trying to find the best location between their jobs and the baby sitter., BUT then they continued their sentence with TO ARKANSAS! I was holding Emma and almost dropped her. They were not joking either and then they said in 2 weeks. By then, I had tears slipping form my eyes with my heart breaking into a thousand tiny pieces of which I am sure I will never fully recover. Why you ask? Ginny has been talking about going back to school to become a dentist, Josh had been the hold out saying he'd never move there but with wanting more for their family in the future, the time had come when they couldn't justify passing up the opportunity. I understand all the logic - I do but I am a selfish grandma. They say they'll be back but I know how much I will be missing in Emma's life and I am sorry to say skyping is NOT the same as holding your grandchild. :'''(

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