Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Emma's 1st Birthday Pictures

We went to see Emma for her 1st birthday.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

UFO Quilt Challenge 2012

I accepted a UFO quilt challenge where we sent in a list of 10 projects. Kathy who is coordinating picks a number from 1 - 10 and everybody works on their project with that number. She picked #6. I have all month to work on it, no requirements to finish just to make progress .

My #6 is a purple flower quilt for grand girl#3 Lilly! This week I had to get 1 yard of white for the sashing in the pattern. Today I cut all the fabrics for the top and I have 3 rows sewn. I am still working on it but need to take a break, so I am posting about it. At the end of today I will post pictures of what I got done.

I did a couple more rows so here is what I have done so far.