Monday, May 24, 2010

My blog's not forgotten!

I know it's been a few days since I blogged. my defense changes have been abounding in my life. I did indeed finish the quilt for my Jamie love and haven't started another yet - gasp I know, how can that be true! A week ago last Wednesday I interviewed for yet another job....on Thursday I got the call that the company would love to welcome me to their I had to do a drug test...(well if you know me you know that's non-issue) on Thursday and by golly I had to start working on Monday. It's a temp to perm job through the temp agency I have been working with since last November. Let me just say you can get some REALLY interesting assignments doing temp work. I had to give up my early retirement which I was so truly enjoying, but I really needed to go back to work it has been over a year since I was down sized. I have been adjusting to the getting up at 5:30 AM and working until 3 PM and then coming home to tend to me sore feet, aches and pains. Today was busy at work but still I have decided to pre-wash some fabric this evening so that I can press it when I get home tomorrow and start my next project......Christmas gift #1........YES my friends I did say Christmas. I normally have what shopping is required done by the end of July but this year the women in my family are getting hand made quilt projects from me so I have to start NOW! Merry Christmas.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jamie's throw

5/16 It's finished.....

I am getting ready to layer and quilt Jamie's fabric's also her 30th birthday.

5/14 I have finished the quilt top.......

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day Trippin in NC

We needed to take our Twin Troller Boat back to Benson, NC for a motor replacement. So I figured after we dropped the boat off we could stop by some quilt shops in NC. I called both shop from I-95 for directions to their shops.

The first one we went to was The Gigglin' Pig. The Fabric Shop, Amish Gift Shop and The Soap Factory all rolled into one shop. The staff here was very friendly and if you ever get to Dunn, NC you should make the time to visit them. The have a web site 110E Broad St Dunn, NC 28334 (910) 892-9235

The second shop was in Fayetteville. Loving Stitches Quilt Shop (800)524-8006 7076 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311 They boast over 5000+ bolts of fine cottons (and they do), notions, books, patterns and gifts. My favorite were the pre-cuts and projects packs. Amanda was gracious and kind in her greeting and general information about the shop and gave the reminder to go downstairs to see sale items. They have tons of Moda fabrics. Their web site is

Being able to stop in at the quilt shops made the 4 hour drive each way worth-while.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Machine Quilting

Today is my class on machine quilting.....there was a lot of preparation for this class but I am so excited about finally getting to take the class. I will post about it when I get back.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I went to see AGW this week, while I was on my trip I detoured into Columbia and went to the JoAnn's Fabric store, where I purchased some pink and blue fabric and lot's of thread on clearance for 50 cents. The next store on my stop was the Hobby Lobby in Anderson(went there twice) and to a Viking and Sew Quilt Shop in Greenville. I have momentarily misplaced my camera so when I find it I will upload pictures of my purchases. IT just has to be in one of the many shopping bags slipped in to the guest room so that the hubby doesn't know quite how much I got on this trip. LOL
Jamie did make it to the quilt shop in Greenville with me and she was a bad influence on me or was it the other way around? All I know is that she ended up buying more fabric than I did! Of course she sent it home with me to make her a lap quilt. Very pretty Moda Cherish Nature patterns and colors, blues, greens and browns. I cut all the fabric this morning and I have started sewing. It will be another new pattern I have never made before, surprise for Jamie. They are blocks 3x6" and 4x6". So until I find the camera I will sign off for now....Found the camera now the pics are here!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Proud

When my hubby retired as a gift I bought him a Nikon D40 camera. It is a SLR (Single Lens Reflective) Digital blah blah it gets way technical but he needed a hobby for retirement. He loves his camera and has added several lens upgrades etc and truly loves nature photography. We have gotten the SC State Park pass and he goes as often as possible. Recently we went to Huntington State Park for a special event and they had a Birds of Prey demonstration. He got some great pictures of a Kite, which is a majestic bird of prey. He entered the best one in the North Charleston Art Festival Photography Exhibition. I am so proud of him, it is the first time he has won a ribbon and he placed 3rd in the Amateur Color Division. The Arts Festival is April 30 - May 8 see the Cultural Arts Department link.