Friday, May 7, 2010


I went to see AGW this week, while I was on my trip I detoured into Columbia and went to the JoAnn's Fabric store, where I purchased some pink and blue fabric and lot's of thread on clearance for 50 cents. The next store on my stop was the Hobby Lobby in Anderson(went there twice) and to a Viking and Sew Quilt Shop in Greenville. I have momentarily misplaced my camera so when I find it I will upload pictures of my purchases. IT just has to be in one of the many shopping bags slipped in to the guest room so that the hubby doesn't know quite how much I got on this trip. LOL
Jamie did make it to the quilt shop in Greenville with me and she was a bad influence on me or was it the other way around? All I know is that she ended up buying more fabric than I did! Of course she sent it home with me to make her a lap quilt. Very pretty Moda Cherish Nature patterns and colors, blues, greens and browns. I cut all the fabric this morning and I have started sewing. It will be another new pattern I have never made before, surprise for Jamie. They are blocks 3x6" and 4x6". So until I find the camera I will sign off for now....Found the camera now the pics are here!

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