Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Shower

Emma Kate thought that it was such a great party and she got so many nice things, the following day she gave us all a scare - She wanted to come early but lucky that the doctors were able to stop the contractions (4 mins apart). Ginny has been on best rest this week and Thursday found out if she will REALLY take it easy she can go back to work part time.

Darlene hosted the baby shower for Ginny and it was such a great time. Thanks you are owed to many. Ginny and Josh received many nice things but my birthday/christmas gift to my mother was the best gift. I bought her plane ticket from Fort Lauderdale to Greenville. She arrive on Wednesday and had a few days with Jamie, Rob and Annabelle. She was a big help to Jamie on the drive down for the shower. Josh and Ginny we happy that Gigi made it to the shower.

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