Sunday, March 28, 2010

My friends the Bardsley's recently lost his mother after a long illness. While clearing out her home they found this unfinished quilt top. It is so amazing and all done by hand. We took it yesterday to the local quilt shop, People Places and Quilts. Diane, the owner identified the fabrics to be from the 30's. She helped us pick out a muslin that Sherri and I will be adding to the scalloped edging to give a squared edge and to increase the size to fit Sherri's bed. She also had a 1930's reproduction fabric that so similarly matched the the darker blue square that it was simply amazing. Today we are going to press the quilt top so that we can baste the quilt top to the muslin. Sherri has never quilted before and it has been a Long time since I have done hand quilting but I will help get her started and she wants to complete it all by hand so that quilt does not lose the integrity of the original work that was done. While we were there Sherri was also able to identify the pattern as Grandma's Mosaic - Venetian which dates back to the 1890's from one of the quilt history books the shop has on hand. It is a variation of the wedding ring.

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