Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi this is Maverick my quilting buddy. He is a crazy dog! This morning, I started a new sew/quilt as you go project. When I am in the dining room sewing he lays on the floor near me, I took this picture today. I made him his own flannel rag quilt last year. Who knew he'd fall in love with it and now it goes with him where ever he goes. I carry it from room to room for him and he sleeps with it every night. Did I mention he was spoiled? My kids tell me he gets treated better than they did when they lived at home. I say he doesn't have hands to help himself and you do. We go out side and play ball or Frisbee a couple times a day. The vet said he was getting fat and needed more exercise. He lost the weight and now is considered healthy at 47.5 pounds. When he forgets he is NOT a lap dog and jumps up to be petted he sure feels a lot heavier.

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